Coats and cloaks

Coats and cloaks
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Ungaro vest with a cloak

Vest with mounted cloak gently wrapping the shoulders is made of one of the last textiles designed b..

2,618.00лв. 1,178.00лв.

Elegant Ungaro cloak with hood

Elegant cloak with A-silhouette and volume hood made of one of the last Ungaro textiles designed by ..

3,138.00лв. 1,412.00лв.

Tailor-made coat with cloak

Coat with cloak, elegantly wrapped around the shoulders...

2,673.00лв. 1,069.00лв.

A-silhouette coat

A-silhouette coat with a cloak fitting to the cozy and warm feel of the garment. The coat is elegant..

2,513.00лв. 1,005.00лв.