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Red vest with volume collar

The red vest is made of  soft cotton, beautifully blooming with the elegance and feminine curve..

421.00лв. 198.00лв.

Hand-painted silk blouse with voluminous collar

The blouse is made of delicate silk, hand-painted in white and blue feathers and flying birds. The b..


Straight shirt in black and white

Straight shirt with silk  bouffant sleeves and collar gently underlined with removable satin ri..


Hand-painted silk jacket with inverted collar

Hand-painted jacket made of delicate silk in dragon fruit color. The jacket has additional elaborati..

878.00лв. 422.00лв.

Hand-painted silk spencer

The spencer is made of delicate dragon fruit silk. It emphasizes the body and especially the waist, ..

740.00лв. 363.00лв.

Tailor-made sleeveless jacket with 3D embroidery

Tailor-made sleeveless jacket with hand-made 3D embroidery at the back, elegantly underlined with sh..

1,327.00лв. 597.00лв.

Set of hand-painted jacket with inverted collar and rich skirt with a narrow strip

The set is made of delicate dragon fruit silk and heavy green silk. The jacket has additional elabor..


Set of hand-painted silk blouse with collar and velvet banana trousers

The set is consists a blouse with voluminous collar - made of delicated silk, hand-painted in white ..


Set of vest with volume collar and trousers

The set is made of soft cotton. The free trouser legs line in combination with the color reminiscent..