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Linen overcoat dress

Overcoat dress made of linen in a fresh orange color and gently underlined by a cyclamen collar and ..

490.00лв. 395.00лв.

Linen overcoat dress with double slits

Linen overcoat dress in a soft pink and deep orange color with double slits in the front and back of..

473.00лв. 378.00лв.

Silk dress with cloak

A gentle dress of elegantly transparent silk organza underlined by body crepe. The dress is delicate..

449.00лв. 275.00лв.

Tender silk dress

Soft dress with elegant glowing silk body, elegantly underlined by body crepe...

410.00лв. 260.00лв.

Hand-painted dress with bouffant sleeves

Elegant hand-painted dress with soft ribbon closing the neckline and silk bouffant sleeves...

390.00лв. 230.00лв.

Hand-painted dress with scarf collar

Elegant hand-painted dress with scarf collar delicately emphasizing the V-neck at the back...

409.00лв. 250.00лв.

Hand-painted wool dress

Elegant dress with A-silhouette and hand-made pop-art drawing at the front...

370.00лв. 210.00лв.

Short velvet dress

Short velvet dress with discrete red accent at front...

214.00лв. 100.00лв.

Velvet dress

Velvet dress with red ribbon accent in the back...

234.00лв. 120.00лв.

Velvet dress with polo collar

Velvet dress with a naked back and polo collar with a discreet red accent at the back...

234.00лв. 120.00лв.

Long hand-painted seabed dress

The white silk waves spill over the body and reveal a hand-painted picture of the seabed. Sailing dr..

329.00лв. 234.00лв.

Silk dress with overlapping

Long dress with overlapping made of silk satin in burgundy color with yellow accents peering out fro..

498.00лв. 423.00лв.

Silk off shoulder dress

Dress made of silk satin in burgundy color with yellow accents embracing shoulders. The smooth cut r..

498.00лв. 374.00лв.

Long pleated dress with sari scarf

Long pleated dress with sari scarf made of silk in white and coral. The blend of western styles of c..

536.00лв. 490.00лв.

Elegant white silk dress

Elegant under-knee dress made of white silk that gives tenderness and romance. The clear silhouette ..

353.00лв. 278.00лв.

Elegant hand-painted dress with one shoulder strap

Elegant, hand-painted under-knee dress made of white cotton. The clear silhouette emphasizes the bod..

295.00лв. 200.00лв.