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Linen overcoat dress

Overcoat dress made of linen in a fresh orange color and gently underlined by a cyclamen collar and ..

490.00лв. 370.00лв.

Airy leather skirt

The handmade airy skirt with delicate side pockets peeking out under the drapes is made of faux leat..

223.00лв. 178.90лв.

Linen overcoat dress with double slits

Linen overcoat dress in a soft pink and deep orange color with double slits in the front and back of..

473.00лв. 350.00лв.

White bustier

The bustier is made of soft cotton, enfolding the body as a white ray of light. It is suitable for d..

85.00лв. 54.00лв.

Linen jacket with silk scarf - collar

Elegant jacket wrought of linen in sunny yellow, reminiscent of the warm summer days. The scarf - co..


Silk bustier

The bustier is made of delicate, sky blue silk that sneaks across the body like a morning sky. It is..

96.00лв. 68.00лв.

Straight leather skirt with a control front slit

Straight skirt made of red and blue faux leather with a control front slit gives dose of sex appeal,..

192.00лв. 153.00лв.

A-line hand-painted leather dress

A-line hand-painted dress made of blue and red eco leather. The clear silhouette of the classic stra..

266.00лв. 226.00лв.

Red vest with volume collar

The red vest made of  soft cotton, beautifully blossoms with the elegance and feminine curves o..

257.00лв. 175.00лв.

Navy blue wool trousers

The trousers are made of soft navy blue wool. The free trouser legs line allows for a quiet movement..

220.00лв. 176.00лв.

Tunic with hand sewed stripes

The tunic is made of gentle knit designer silk in navy blue, reminiscent of the clear summer sky, me..

297.00лв. 217.00лв.

Velvet blouse with polo collar

Velvet blouse with red ribbon back and polo collar...

150.00лв. 75.00лв.

A-symmetrical silk tunic

The tunic is made of soft, light blue silk, which spills over the body as the river sweeps through t..

203.00лв. 120.00лв.

Classic straight trousers with crease

The trousers are made of navy blue wool. Its classic straight line and high waist lengthen the legs ..

210.00лв. 168.00лв.

Velvet blouse

Velvet blouse, skin color tulle and sleeves made of white silk...

205.00лв. 105.00лв.

Banana trousers with red belt

The trousers are made of blue wool. The loose cut gives freedom of movement, and the red wide belt e..

230.00лв. 172.00лв.