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Colorful silk shirt

Three colors of soft silk are intertwined in the shirt. The non-standard double sleeves are reminisc..

295.00лв. 200.00лв.

White silk shirt with sleeve bell

White shirt made of gentle soft silk. The bell-shaped sleeves enfold the hands, like a tender flower..

200.00лв. 115.00лв.

Silk dress with overlapping

Long dress with overlapping made of silk satin in burgundy color with yellow accents peering out fro..

498.00лв. 423.00лв.

Silk off shoulder dress

Dress made of silk satin in burgundy color with yellow accents embracing shoulders. The smooth cut r..

498.00лв. 374.00лв.

Yellow silk jumpsuit

A jumpsuit made of silk satin in sunny yellow. Under the warm rays on the lapels and belt, the flowe..

490.00лв. 395.00лв.

Set of white silk shirt and black leather pants

Just as life is interwoven good and evil, in this outfit are intertwined black and white, rebellion ..

259.00лв. 154.00лв.

Set of colorful silk shirt and leather skirt with a slit on the side

Intertwining contrasting colors and fabrics into one outfit. The unusual double sleeves of the shirt..

355.00лв. 270.00лв.