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Hand painted silk scarf

Hand painted silk scarf with pop-art painting of woman face...

146.00лв. 74.00лв.

Hand-painted silk scarf with women face

Hand painted silk scarf with pop-art painting of woman face...

78.00лв. 40.00лв.

Tunic with hand sewed stripes

The tunic is made of gentle knit designer silk in navy blue, reminiscent of the clear summer sky, me..

297.00лв. 227.00лв.

Velvet blouse with polo collar

Velvet blouse with red ribbon back and polo collar...

91.00лв. 60.00лв.

A-symmetrical silk tunic

The tunic is made of soft, light blue silk, which spills over the body as the river sweeps through t..

203.00лв. 138.00лв.

Velvet blouse

Velvet blouse, skin color tulle and sleeves made of white silk...

205.00лв. 110.00лв.

Colorful silk shirt

Three colors of soft silk are intertwined in the shirt. The non-standard double sleeves are reminisc..

295.00лв. 200.00лв.

Straight shirt in black and white

Straight shirt with silk  bouffant sleeves and collar gently underlined with removable satin ri..

150.00лв. 95.00лв.

Elegant silk shirt

Elegant black silk shirt with velvet collar...

174.00лв. 90.00лв.

White silk shirt with sleeve bell

White shirt made of gentle soft silk. The bell-shaped sleeves enfold the hands, like a tender flower..

200.00лв. 115.00лв.

Blue silk top with peplum

The top is made of gentle blue silk. Blue curls twisting around the shoulders spill like summer sea ..

231.00лв. 146.00лв.

Silk shirt with red pockets

Elegant straigh silk shirt with accent red pockets...

174.00лв. 100.00лв.

Silk dress with cloak

A gentle dress of elegantly transparent silk organza underlined by body crepe. The dress is delicate..

449.00лв. 255.00лв.

Tender silk dress

Soft dress with elegant glowing silk body, elegantly underlined by body crepe...

410.00лв. 250.00лв.

Hand-painted dress with bouffant sleeves

Elegant hand-painted dress with soft ribbon closing the neckline and silk bouffant sleeves...

390.00лв. 230.00лв.