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Long skirt with fold

Long free fall skirt with soft fold giving elegant silhouette...

290.00лв. 150.00лв.

Long skirt with overlapping

Long skirt with overlapping, drapery on the right and side pocket on the left...

290.00лв. 150.00лв.

Skirt - trousers

Trousers made of mix of linen and silk with mounted cashmere skirt in the front...

298.00лв. 140.00лв.

Velvet trousers

Velvet trousers, emphasizing and lengthening the legs...

181.00лв. 98.00лв.

Straight leather trousers

Straight leather trousers with side pockets...

160.00лв. 90.00лв.

Leather trousers with red accent

Straight leather trousers with red accent on front and side pockets...

173.00лв. 105.00лв.

Vest with side shoulder straps

Vest with side  shoulder straps mounted on the side...

310.00лв. 200.00лв.

Tailor-made sleeveless jacket with 3D embroidery

Tailor-made sleeveless jacket with hand-made 3D embroidery at the back, elegantly underlined with sh..

322.00лв. 160.00лв.

Vest with a cloak

Vest with mounted cloak, gently wrapping the shoulders...

940.00лв. 460.00лв.

Elegant cloak with hood

Elegant cloak with A-silhouette and volume hood...

1,150.00лв. 520.00лв.

Tailor-made coat with cloak

Coat with cloak, elegantly wrapped around the shoulders...

900.00лв. 500.00лв.

A-silhouette coat

A-silhouette coat with a cloak fitting to the cozy and warm feel of the garment. The coat is elegant..

1,150.00лв. 650.00лв.