Skirts and Dresses

Skirts and Dresses
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Leather skirt with a deep slit

Straight skirt made of red faux leather with a deep front slit gives dose of sex appeal, but also co..


Striped skirt with wide straps

The skirt is made of soft striped cotton. The high belt emphasizes the waist. The V-neck straps, com..


Rich silk skirt with a narrow strip

The skirt is made of heavy striped silk. The high belt accentuates the waistline while leafs drapery..


A long fairy dress with a bare back

The dress is made of light cotton and delicate silk flowing over the body. The bare back adds a touc..


Hand-painted leather dress with a collar

Hand-painted with white pigeons dress, made of red faux leather. The clear silhouette of the classic..